Zombie Update In Future?

So first how does this update works ?
-A new portal that brings you to a city full of zombies
-You need to defeat the zombies to collect dogtags
-The item exchange NPC is similar to the Mining Mole You exchange items from it but the items is military items Like Heavy Firearm or High Armor Military Gears


That actually does sound rather interesting :thinking: I do wonder if there could be a sort-of Mutant Zombie boss.

Yeah this sounds cool, it could even be kind of like secret base, but zombies.

maybe earth damage will have a use for once
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Imagine there are Zombies, but you are locked at some place, where there would be Waves of Zombies you have to kill. When all Zombies are dead, Wave 2 will start, then Wave 3 etc… and it will get harder, the higher Wave you get to. :zombie:

In this zombie scenario, wouldn’t LIGHT attribute works best?

Kinda good but they’ll need to have some different mechanics and gameplay on it, for it to be different to the other events.
Let’s say the players can become zombies?
No infection, players get randomly selected to become a zombie.
^not sure how the gameplay of this would turn out tho

That higher wave u get that better Prizes u can get?

Very interesting! We actually need something like that because it sounds already so fun.

Me and the boys when we turn into Zombies in Pixel Worlds


Yea could be an idea.

no @Light wouldn’t work but a gun shooting their heads off will