1 hour secretbase

I done 1 hour of secretbase and these are the results what I got:

I personally think it’s not worth doing secretbase because in that whole 1 hour, I didn’t get any legendary item not even a quantum safe. You could divide everything by 3 because I used alt accounts to get some more items. Remember: No team, alone secretbase(with alts).


I have been doing secret base for 3 days (5-6 hours everyday) and got 3 legendaries (2 pants and 1 araska) and 1 quantum safe the recycling points and raw byte coins will not cover up for the world locks and TIME i spent in these 3 days (still going)
This was my first time taking secret base seriously and i can say i’m more than disappointed.

U got fully trash (saddly)

its actually all about luck because i got in like 4 hours 3 legendary (Blackbird Cape(was very lucky),Blackbird pants and a shoutgun) and 2 safes and ofcourse tons of trash but yeah its luck.

i am the hardest playing secret base. no legendaries (even 100 times) but got aloot of noob ultra rare ;(

I have the worst luck no legendary items even when i played for 100 times
But i did get alot of noob ultra rares ;( fixed your grammar

100 times? Rookie Numbers…
Used 4 stacks of BP this month, in hopes of getting a legendary.
Got None :confused:

Just a bunch of Wires and Lab Kits…

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