1000000 contesst

A jet that are changing color per second and it have wings and a jet motor and it can fly fast from the motor it comes rainbow laser ING name: GamerGod1234567

Don’t you think this is abused for a mount?

Also i’m not fan of that

Think about epileptics people that will surely have a seizure while using that mount or seeing it.

It’s not a mount anymore now…

Yoooo we aren’t in star wars !

Why did you reply to this retnos lol


Bumping is cool

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 10.17.18 PM
uuuuh RetNos…this is almost an entire year…


Yeah… I don’t think that guy is gonna be seeing ur reply anytime soon.

Maybe one day… :roll_eyes:

For sure…

that’s like the dreams i get at 5pm

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you could have just said “Jet go brrrr”

Anyways i have no clue what 50% of this means but i think you mean a
every colour changing faster jet that blasts a rainbow laser.

It is a culture here not to bump old topics RetNos. :sweat_smile:

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