2 Names but 1 World

My friend owned this world and this world has a broken glitch because this world has two names that you can use to enter the world. Pretty cool I guess


Yeah, I also have a few worlds like them!

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you can get banned for it my friend

Actually no, only duped worlds would make you have some trouble.This is a double named world and not a duped one.
Small reminder, duped worlds have dots under the world name in the loading screen.

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That’s a good one, What exactly duped world is? And why does it make you ban?

Like ive said, duped worlds have dots under world name when loading: Like in this picture

It will make you banned because it’s sort of hacking/abusing a game bug to sell a world that dosen’t ever meant to be created since it has the same name than an other world. Sooo trying to buy or sell one will get you in trouble. I wouldn’t recomend owning one of these worlds btw.

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Thanks for responding, Also I saw guy who can enter any duped world using portal and he is selling these. World name is raress. You can join and see this scammer.

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