2021 Plans

Do you guys have any plans for 2021? Since I don’t…
Seems like the start of 2021 would just be another ordinary day of quarantine.

Like, literally…
Everything feels the same. I can’t feel the “Spooky” Feeling of Halloween, The Christmas Spirit, New Year excitement, etc.


my plan for 2021 is still the same as the previous’ year

  • to be respectful, responsible and be friendly to people
  • my enemy shall be my friend
  • getting honor role 1-10
  • meeting up with ppl


  • no m0R VIRuS
  • praying for the vaccine
  • ME CAN SOcAILIzE AnD beg Mi classMat fo0d
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Turn enemies to friends…
That must be a rough process, not gonna lie…

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I think I will become less active but can’t say for sure. Things are getting busy.

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2020 prob my saddest year i wont even lie. but ive encountered it.

ill try my best to befriend them.

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Pixel Worlds 2021 Goals:

:scroll: Ugh… well there’s too many, but some of them are:

  • Get back my FULL Fishing Set and get ALL Rods and Fishing Gear - [ From Bamboo Rod (Basic) ] :fishing_pole_and_fish:
  • Get a FULL Mining Set and ALL Mining Gear - [ From Crappy Pickaxe ] - ( Already in the works ) :pick: :gem:

:x: Not trading to get anything for these 2 goals, but using time. :clock1:

That’s just a few of them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d like to improve on my art skills and such. And I guess it’d be nice to work up to being able to do 100 pushups.
And I agree with you, the holidays felt kind of empty, although my household did have some fun little celebrations for them though.