2024 is there moderator registration?

We know how important moderators are in the game, and every year there will be new moderators who replace old moderators because they are not performing well in carrying out their duties. Therefore, it is necessary to change moderators to be able to make this game even better than before

So the question is when in 2024 will registration of new moderators be opened for players who want it, like I am also looking forward to this

I personally really want to be a moderator because I want to make players closer to this game, and give my heart to every player who needs help, and my job as a moderator is I will continue to do it as given to me, therefore, when will moderator registration reopen?

That’s all my discussion, let me introduce you to Alenapw, with the name in the game alenayapw

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If you’re interested, there is a mod application currently opened which you can apply to right there:


I’ve filled out the form since last year, and there hasn’t been a call to me, I’m alenayapw, and I’m ready to work with pixel world and because I’m also a worker,I also have a lot of time available, please accept me, if necessary my CV is ready to provide it

They don’t reply to decline, only to go forward with something