25th of December gift

(credit to duckles for the pic)
Yeah its basically Aviator Scarf but red, still looks kinda cool tho. Lots of set potential

You didn’t get coal?

Ayo that looks hoardable.

You only get coal if you were warned or banned.

This is why you always have alts to back up

And does that go away next year or is the coal permanent.

I think it goes away next year

The price of this item does say something about the community, and I don’t think I like it…

Looks like a fox tail to me :flushed:

Ah yeah, bug

Looking SICK!
new items = bugged

The question is… Why this item cost over 700 bytes? Even tho you can get it for free?

Surely your not desti

ofc im not, why am i desti?

Come on i got 1 warn :moyai: whatsoever :roll_eyes:

I got coal. There’s no way to get it for free for me.

I have a solution for you: make an account, get level 20 and claim your gift.

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This is exactly why people trying to hoard the scarves are morons.

The fact that it’s still 300 bytes is proof that players are desperate for it to be more than it is

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I don’t get people who hoard new items, especially items like this. There will be at least 5000 of this scarf…