4 Mask of the ox giveaway right now

Just come world and take mask of ox and reply this topic with mask of the ox
To prove it’s not a fake giveaway
World name G-T-Y

Don’t forget say coming from forums

Thanks dude :sunglasses:

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Giveaway end xD…

Hes da real one :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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That was very epic of you

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Start again ok :wink:

Maybe tomorrow or this night idk

tfw when u miss another chance by beeing afk cuz u make funneh reply

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I was just going on to see if the forums had new messages.
So today I won a pl and a mask. Why today of all days am I lucky

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aw man… I really wanted one of those masks

Cuz you got scammed

I’m going to set up a little space with the Wirings and distribute it again, but I don’t know when it could happen can be to night or tomorrow.

I always miss out on the good stuff so I’ll just forget it. I can’t schedule

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When was I scammed :frowning:

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So sad I didn’t participate. it’s too late?

It is yes. He/she might do more tomorrow

He private message me that I won, I think someone already got the item since I was sleeping at that time. Big sad.

Hopefully… I wanted to add the ox as an additional set. Won’t sell it once I got one,