4 reasons why Superhero Sam's arm is still broken

His arm’s still broken all these years later… Why? I mean, a regular person can heal a broken limb faster than he has, and he’s supposed to be a superhero!
Here are some proposed reasons why he’s still crippled after all this time.
Let’s ignore the obvious answer of “Well it’s so the superhero event can still go”, I’m talking story/lore stuff here, not game mechanics.

1: Superhero Sam is a scammer
Funny proposal, I know, but honestly what if he’s actually hiding the fact his arm is now perfectly fine just to get you to pay for blue particles, hm? Faking an injury like that for some extra coin isn’t very heroic…

2: He’s retired
Another proposal is that he’s retired. He’s getting old, his powers don’t work like they used to, so he’s giving new young aspiring heroes a chance at saving the city while he collects money for better reasons.

3: The evil scientist knows his weakness
Perhaps Superhero Sam can’t actually fight the evil scientist anymore? Maybe the scientist has discovered Sam’s kryptonite and threatens to use it against him.

4: It’s all a conspiracy
Superhero Sam and the scientist are working together. The scientist has no interest in taking over Pixel Worlds, and Superhero Sam has no interest in stopping him. They set this all up with prizes and everything to train Pixelians in combat for an upcoming war against something greater than Pixel Worlds, something vastly more powerful, but they can’t tell anyone! It’s top secret! So they simply disguise it as a “fun minigame” for players to enjoy.


not him definitely


My man Superhero Sam probably has Munchausen’s syndrome :sob:
Someone get him a therapist


Nice art.

I googled Munchausen’s syndrome.

So, by pretending you have a mental disorder to get empathy, you actually get a mental disorder?

Yes! It’s a quick way to get a free mental disorder :sunglasses:

All he needs a little kiss from me and he will be healed

How many people did you kiss :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Or that’s just how his character is designed;). Without his broken arm we can’t do the SB because he would be healed :frowning:

only 97 sadly, you could be the 98th one

Haha, nice. I always thought about this too.

Or Pixel Worlds decided to do it like that because it makes sense on why he can’t fight them due to a broken arm. Otherwise why would he need you.

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Yes why would he need us. Without his broken arm, to him we are completely useless :grinning:

Maybe it is because he is always on that hecking phone!

My replies were jokes. I thought they were funnt

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Well we do not know for sure, but, in my comic, ill make up something

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Those darn kids and their phones

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Fair point lol, I sometimes have a hard time telling between jokes or seriousness

Which is super ironic considering the definition of sarcasm flows through my veins

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