502 Bad Gateway? Ddos hack? no? [delete thread in 24hrs]

my lord, is it happening? i had to get a new tab to post this thread lol.

[closing thread in 1 hour]

A moderator has deleted the posts, so they are unavailable to view.

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i cant report my own thread because ive reprot alot of hacker acc.

how to delete this thread, this happened again and resetted the website, it got fixed.

Either that or they’re actually DDOSing forums

i just resetted the web, then it got fixed somehow.

Freak stepped in and pulled the ban hammer on they fools.

my forum is lagging off. or is it just me.

this showed me up rn

Its laggy and up and down. Other then that it’s semi usable.

so what u mean is there hacking?

srsly the web is lagging, tried yt and it worked perfectly fine

Most likely, might be the user from earlier still attacking this website and trying to overload it.

better report it to discord

Not really an attack on discord, but an attempt to attack the pixelworldsgame.com link itself.

what i mean is ill tag a moderator in discord to reprort the issue

i am typing fast because im gettjgn the erroro agaijn

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Freak is already aware of the issue, and has taken down the posts prior.

spread awareness, what if its true. mabye they might hack the game later.

call anti-cybercrime group

Seeing as they struggle to take down the forums for a extended period of time, hacking the game wont happen.

lets just pray the hacked that happened last 2017 wont happened, was it 2017?
rest asured, the person is already doing illegal stuff irl, not ingame alr. he can be arrested for 1 year prior