90 consecutive days

I have been trying to get the award for so long, and I think I messed up my daily log in.
In pixel worlds the daily bonus is at 6 or 7 pm meaning a day has passed. I would like to know the same for forums to know when to log in and not mess up my day count.
I know this is a really pointless thread, but I’d just like to know so I don’t screw it up anymore.

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Oh well next time you got it

Can you give more specific details, I’m not getting the point.

On what I have understood, you wanted to get an award from what? The forums or the daily bonus in-game. If it’s in-game I doubt you can’t get the daily bonus price because the game has it’s time which I’m thinking it’s from Finnish time or something. Or if your trying to get an badge in the forums then you probably did something wrong? Day count?