A bunch of questions because I'm still a noob lol

If I want to let other players know I’m selling/trading something for something else or through the PW Terminal, how should I grammatically format it according to typical players?

What does the fanbase usually call worlds connected together with so many Portals to different worlds (like a story world with multiple endings for instance)?

Would it count as an accidental “no drop game” violation if a player accidentally dropped something and another one picked it up but gave it back to its rightful owner?

According to the canon lore, how old is the average Pixelian (the player version)? I know their age can vary according to the fanmade lore, but to me they look like they’re in their late teens in the actual canon lore.

What do Jetpacks do? I’ve seen other players with them, but I’m not sure how they’d work if I had one, or how to use it.

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I guess… it’s easy, they are a jetpack and while equipped, you can fly to 15 blocks high. To use it, you just have to press the jump button twice a row.

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  • it also has fuel which has to regenerate
  • on the second jump you have to hold it down.
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Yea… Thanks for adding that information.

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I’d just say ‘Selling [insert item here] in PWE for [price]’.

There’s not exactly a specific phrase for this, but I’m sure players would understand what you mean no matter what term you used.

Probably not, as you’re just picking up and returning the item to the same player.

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So I could call it a Candy Cane Block and everyone would be reminded of those worlds?

Lol jk I know what you mean