A great find, for me at least

So a few days ago I find one of my grail pieces . I have a few questions if anyone might know

Ok I could always have bought one but have played 100’s of Elven boosters in the past but never got one . Have always thought one day … :joy:

Now I didn’t know a magnet :magnet: doesn’t work . Is it because I tried it?

If I change the world owner will it reset? Can it be pulled then?

Can anyone use these with minor and/or full rights.

I’m still over excited about it :grin:

Thanks for the info

I like this reply :joy:, but I’m good thanks - In the game everyday so it’s ok.

World is @zorch apart from a decent enough collection of floating booster items not much else … it’s a decent world though … WL was decayed

I’ll try an Alt on it to see if they get a different clock/countdown but I suspect from your reply it won’t be different

I did see ages ago that you can break the stone after the sword comes and it might drop another! How true that is we’ll see …

Was great to meet the Legend known as Antonis73 … :grin: you left before I could ad!

The answer to your qu to me is actually 429 world’s under WL. I just counted them at a hologram. Lesser locks it would take me a while to check on that exact number there are even a couple I can’t find! At least a 100 for sure . Plus around 20 with portals in I’m battling with

Once again nice to meet you :rightwards_hand:

happened to me plenty of times even accidentally, on empty stones but also on stones with the sword still in them

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You’re British mate? :face_holding_back_tears:

Yeah, with a bit of Welsh thrown in :grinning:

The cooldown for anything in-game, potion, sword in stone etc uses the server timezone so it’ll be useless to use an alt.

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