A harvesting statue that automatically harvest any trees in it's area, and an collector block

Hello there, i’ve been harvesting my spike bomb trees, and it was tiring cause i got many of it, then i got an idea, why don’t we make an harvesting statue that can harvest trees in it’s area, the area length is 8 x 8 blocks wide, well it depends, small harvest statue is 8 x 8, medium harvest statue, 16x 16, and big harvest statue, with enourmous length of 24 x 24, which is going to be sold out quickly because of the pros buying and selling it.

I was also thinking about a vacuum cleaner that can take all of the stuff from the world and store it inside it, well it can collect only 3 types of blocks, and if the statue harvest all of the trees, the vacuum will take all of the harvested item, into it, it’s like a chest but store specific items as much as it can.

Well, that’s my idea, this was inspired by a game that i play once called crashlands, i beat the game of course, okay bye, GG


this is way too OP!!

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Sorry no,
Automation is bad because then people can create afk farms and mess up the economy. Also the developers want to move away from block farming, and more towards randomized and to Human thinking farming.

Well, like, we could just setting the time it will work?

oh yes, reminds me of toxictopia.

< if u want to harvest all your trees, you can call me :smirk: >

Idk, maybe that would help it.
But the thing is that developers don’t want to add add more support for block farming, they instead want to work more on mining, and nether types of farming.

I would have to agree with Shawn. Automation will be a bad thing towards this game, considering that the rich people could abuse this way to “Farm” gems, and make the other aspects of earning gems worthless.

Well, how the statue work is if we punch it, it will harvest the trees around it, the same goes to the vaccuum

Hmm yes, sounds familiar…

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Yeah i’ve seem that stuff in GT, stop showing me fokin GT man, i’m having trauma over it

We don’t need automation. It’s just another way for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. hard work is the way to go

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Then stop trying to turn this game into GT. Automation is what ruined the game’s economy.
If you want something like that then use a bank bot in each world

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Damn, literally getting Pwned by my own topic suggestion XD, alright guys you defeat me at this point, i’m just a 13 year old kid, i’m sorry

dont be inapropriate here in the forums, i know your suggestion is from GT but can can give negative impact, so you must learn how to accept it.

do you want to make pw a 2nd vrs of gt
a new and way cooler mmo 2d game haven

no, were just telling you that adding this will make pixel world GROWTOPIA.
pw cant copy gt, its base in copyright claims.

were not fighting, its for ur own good.

Hypixel Skyblock? Minecraft

well in his defense concepts can’t be copyrighted, especially one that’s this loose

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Hypixel can afford to have automation because of how grindy the game is. Even with maxed cobble minions it takes forever to get enough cobble for supercompactors, for one thing. All of the good recipes cost 10s of thousands to craft that automation makes the game better.

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Also play skyblock with me nerd

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