A solution to prevent bots

I have a suggestion for Kukouri about this problem

It won’t eliminate them but would reduce their game play impact

Drastically reduce the text box size and/or the amount text you can message.

I was in the very top of a world today and the bots text extended from the entry spawn so much it almost reached me …

This is why game play in some of my worlds is not possible. You can’t see anything FFS Kukouri come on and deal with this will you??

Yes, but if you add emoji it requires extra chars this is why technically chars limit more than you can paste in chat prompt (128)

Btw spambots now use <br in their messages and they now looks even bigger.

My suggestion is make chatting possible from 3lvl


The level requirement to chat isn’t a bad idea :roll_eyes:


they could easily fix this issue by adding a level requirement to enter worlds

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How are you even going to level up without entering worlds???

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I think he means like you can set a minimum level for your world.

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Not to mention you could just level up in your own world like the entire playerbase already does… How exactly do people level up in another world? As if newbie would be fishing right off the bat

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This would also encourage players to do, and therefore experience, more stuff…

I’d say level 5 or even 10!

Setting a level access would be an interesting addition anyway

Come on RetNos kick some Kukouri #@s and push this through :joy:

Actually go and make a world of their own, or at least mess about seeing what’s what

i see so many bots in popular worlds Ngl

then how do u get levels :joy:

Not to mention you could just level up in your own world like the entire playerbase already does… How exactly do people level up in another world? As if newbie would be fishing right off the bat

Schlawg did not read

I wouldn’t say it should be that hard. (For any devs reading this, not that I expect anyone will,) Here’s a “simple” way to just create a minimum level system. When the player clicks the connect button (attach a delegate, but you probably should already have one), take the player’s level pass it through a hashing function (preferably FNV1-A, my choice but you should probably use a different one) as to protect it from cheat engine and then just return 1 if the players level is too low (take the minimum level and pass it through the same hashing function) oh and 15 second later edit, you should mathf.clamp the players level to maxLevel and then hash it, and to check if the player is levelled enough just do a simple not equality operator, just give em a menu saying they can’t enter or chat or whatever.

You could add another level of complexity by having like 25 hashing functions and the server would send the client an index into an array of the hashing functions which the client would use to return the hashed player level that the server will then evaluate but I’d like to see you implement the first part at the very least.

If you have anything to say about why not, please just message me. I’m not a senior developer but I really think I can help. I don’t use unity anymore (C++ and bare vulkan, developed carpal tunnel) but I think I know enough.


You are overcomplicating the problem, the server is sending the world data to the client, and the server has full authority over the players stats. It’s not like changing some value in your gane with those memory editing software would let you join a world while banned from it, or while it’s locked, for example. Just reject the player server side if they aren’t a high enough level?

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You’re right…
I probably forgot that the server exists (or maybe I was going for a host authoritative server?) It probably is for a host authoritative server because I made one a year or two ago to copy Pixel worlds using unity (roughly around the time I started) and reading this thing again heavily reminds me of the way I implemented it there. (btw the current engine I’m making still is in the directory “Pixelworlds3.0”. Not to be confused with “Pixel worlds 3.0” which is in OpenGL).
I’m sorry :3

Wait a second, it wouldn’t even work for a host authoritative server! I mean it would “work” but it wouldn’t protect anything…

I had lower lvl than the one, that required to rating the worlds for over 2 years lol