A world clearer wanted

Will pay 750 bc to clear @ALIENVASION

Don’t clear the parts that are under locks.

Needs to be done before the 2nd of March

I’ll do it once I’m free and because I’m happy to help.

Didn’t the world generator update add a “clear world” option exactly to prevent these kinds of threads?

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The world is alr filled with stuff

Still wanted, I’m unsure whether Pin will be on time

I got spare time today so I can do it

Join the world rn then.

Nevermind, I have weak internet connection rn

You can use 5k gems and make a clear world that is why the feature was added :confused:

Bruh I just said the world is already generated


You still need it cleared?

Ye, reply when you’re ready to clear it.

Obviously, I no longer expect it to be done before the second of march, maybe the fourth.

Still very wanted, does anyone wanna do it for 750bc?

its already 3rd march lmao

ohk nvm i didnt read this

Still wanted.

Cmon, noone?

hmuch of it is left?

ig i’ll do it for free cuz im bout to quit pw anyway

I don’t rly trust you, you act sus.

It also doesn’t help that you’re agreeing to do it for free, with terrible reasoning.

Anyone else?

u can check my other post (buying bb cape) i rlly am gonna quit… just wanna help before leaving… its been a good 2 yrs…

I’m probably gonna just build stuff over the forest