A world filled with black bricks

Let’s say theoretically I may or may not currently own an unusual amount of black brick blocks. Now, let’s theoretically assume that I may or may not have plans to fill a world with black bricks and plan to sell said world filled with black bricks I may or may not have stored in my chests.

Would you buy it and if you would, how much you would pay for it? (the world would contain roughly over 4.5 stacks.) (note: black bricks are a special drop block of Friday 13th events. By that I mean breaking them during Friday 13th has a chance for a special drop)

black bricks are farmable so it would be cheap i think

It’d be cool to see, but I definitely wouldn’t buy it. Mainly because I’m pretty sure that the Friday the 13th exclusive drop isn’t very valuable, and you’d have to break an entire world around the time of the event to collect them.

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well black brick seeds are 999 for 1wl so you could get 5k black bricks for 1wl :confused:


A very long term investment for just placed bricks

also the fact it would only cost 1wl to make it