Abnormal AI NPC Netherworld &Minor Bug Death Match Count

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Abnormal speed in Enemy’s Netherworld AI NPC, I tried to complete part of the netherworld, and I continued the crystal hunt but I saw the speed of the npc in the netherworld was very fast than usual, I’m not sure why this often appears but it’s a very annoying situation when the npc is piling up and not there. delay when hitting the target, sometimes very fast so it is difficult to kill like npc enemies pile up and too fast When experiencing a speed bug NPC Ai Enemy, somewhere like a Witcher always throws 3 ordinary magic and the witcher needs regular charge skills to have time lag to cast skills bounce, but when this bug appears, the speed of normal NPCs will increase so that players don’t have time to kill them and
How did this bug happen? :

-In situations some of these bugs appear when there is too much movement in the Netherworld
-Effects in the world
-Frame Drops Meanwhile, the speed of the enemies in the underworld increases*

The excess of this bug
-Speed ​​up the NPC Ai movement

- Multiple delay on Npc Requires reduced charge and acceleration of shots towards the player

:ant: Some Minor Bugs I Get Or Some Players Have Seen Them

The Death Match Count bug did not disappear when the player moved away from it

Capture What I Get:

I don’t really get what the abnormal speeds mean here. Are the enemies warping around? These sound like network/performance problems to me, but I’m not sure what’s going on.

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Any suggestions on how to solve it, sometimes this interferes with playing performance, my smartphone is midrange so it’s strong enough to play pixel worlds games without frame drops and my connection uses wifi very fast

This is a network problem, I don’t experience it much so that should say it probably doesn’t have anything to do with the servers. Most likely a problem with the connection on your end. Try restarting the game or check for deficiencies in the ethernet cable if connected to one.

have done it but still there, after playing the game still hit by the speed ai NPC ,normal will disappear when I don’t play it for 2 hours before it returns to normal NPC

I don’t think much is possible. Eventually the Netherworld will be optimised, but right now it is very intensive on the game.

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I hope so :slightly_smiling_face:

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