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Hello Guys! This thing happened like month ago, but once i tried to buy growtopia wls for pixel worlds wls i knew it was wrong, but i just wanted to quit pixel worlds and start play growtopia. I got banned for 30 days if i remember, then i logged in the account (btw name is Myrsky) it said "You have been banned for 3500+ days. I understand that i did wrong i had couple cool and expensive items in this account. I grew up and i will never EVER scamm or do illegal stuff. But i don’t understand that how i first got banned for 30 days and then 10 years. Could you fix this or even tell me how it changed to 10 years.

From: Otava

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Simple. It was a moderator that noticed you breaking the rules. As mods cannot permanently ban you, they banned you for 30 days, but ALSO flagged you for admin review. The admin then elevated the ban to permanent.

Considering that it was 2 people which decided that you should have been banned, your appeal will 99.9999% get denied.


But i have been never banned and is trading non-game items always 10 years ban?

to 10. helmik. 2022 klo 21.49 Ondrashek06 via Pixel Worlds Forum <support@kukouri.com> kirjoitti:

Yes, I think out-of-game trading is always a permanent (probably even poison) ban.

Watch Project Landerstone to see how the admins “tolerate” non-game trading.

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