About Halloween 2021

Hi, I’d like to give few thoughts on this year’s Halloween event and some extra stuff.

First of all, the new items look good and interesting, but one thing I’ve noticed is that the devs we saw so often in the years before don’t show up anymore.
I know a few of them play invisible, but it makes the players feel lonely. The players are happy to see the devs playing with them in their spare time, no matter how long, just seeing it can motivate them.

About event
-Events shouldn’t just be about trying hard to win items, items are temporary but players not.
Repeating the same things bores the players after a while.
-I wish there were more new modules and it would require more team work instead of only running non-stop to the end.

So… I hope we see better things in the coming years.

Thanks for your time!


Teamwork modules aren’t a great idea and would require heavy reworking of the black tower to allocate for them.

You’d probably get a lot of players trolling and not helping, and depending on where the teamwork modules were, what would happen if you arrived at a teamwork module alone because the only other person died?


I agree with this one since I’ve seen myself playing the event even 10 hours a day and all I’ve been rewarded with was a waste of time… there are people even worse and it’s just unfair. I’ve seen people playing “for fun” one run and they’ve gotten the legendary, how simple is that and look at me who spent time just to see others get the legendary at the same time I was exiting a tower. Last year I’ve gotten 3 legendaries in 300k gems and this year I’ve spent 700k and still spending just to get a card which doesnt value anything (and I’m not blaming the devs since the prices are established by the community).

I even got to the point of being bored and exhausted by it so I will give up eventually when my gems drop out.

Looks like a burnout feeling ngl

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Sorry, but how the f**k do you manage to play 11 hours in a row?
I mean like, if you go to school, you play in class?
Or if you work you take a free day?
is that on a holiday?

Due to covid we got 2 weeks holiday and I dedicated this day to play pw, ofc I’ve been eating and drinking water, I’m fine, just tired.