About lore world

Just trying to help man.

Dude I got to call you up on this

Not everything is about worth or money as you clearly imply.

Just having them would be cool imo …

Personally I don’t give a føøk what they are worth …

Imo it’s this way of thinking that has been the downfall of PW.

If I was counting in the last 6 months I’ve lost millions ! I would rather have it back but only to buy yet more stuff!

One thing I am actually glad about is the number of traders who must have lost a fortune … All they do is spend their time on a PWE manipulating sales and prices - that is not what PW was about when it started.

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I tried everything that was possible to do with those stones, no results :cry:
And like antonis said, the lore is was shattered into pieces that i doubt will be repaired one day.

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People r greedy for that precious BC.Theyd do anything for it.I just like helping out new players

Nah I think I said they were only obtainable from destroying ores. I did hear about people claiming that it could be dropped by wooden boxes and monsters in mines, but I dont know. All 3-4 mechanical boxes I’ve gotten have been from breaking ores