About lore world

  1. is it any like things that triggers rift spawn?
  2. why ADE is not available to join
  3. why milk is useless now?
  1. As of my knowledge, no. Only constant way to access the rift was by going through the portal at ADE which opened every 14(maybe 16?) hours. Sure, rift portals have been seen spawning at worlds other than ADE but no one really knows if there’s something one can do to improve those chances (besides maybe hacking one into a world (patched years ago)). Some people also say that the portals were placed by admins since no more rift portals have been seen in a while, but who knows.
  2. ADE was closed by admins after its lock decayed. Some people decided to take items from the world which would’ve been impossible to obtain otherwise (such as the ruin light blocks).
  3. I didn’t really know it was useless now, but I imagine that it may be because SAECULUM also decayed? Last time I checked on the lore hunters they were mentioning that the pressure plates didn’t work. So I don’t know, my theory is that it decayed.

Thanks for answering! I don’t really have much time to talk coz my steam getting hacked rn

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Why is ADE not available to join?

The lore is dead. Look at What happened to lore? READ ALL REPLYS TOO!

Basically the admins didn’t really take care of the lore world and left it to rot sadly.

Basically that’s that. As orawor mentionned and i can confirm it as i used to roam a lot in ADE before it… the lore was abandonned by the developpers and ended up completely broken and then decayed, especially ADE which used to have a fully working puzzle but more the time passed, more it started to break and eventually decayed.

Even the rift world (the binary world) didn’t had much and trust me, i’ve been in couple hundreds times… and apart from collecting fragments, there wasn’t much to do… still about fragments… no use of them has been found… and even I with 215+ of each fragments i collected myself couldn’t find the use of them… (perhaps i’m dumb or something… i did tried to use them everywhere and in every lore related worlds, nothing.)
Soo yea… in short… the lore died because admins forgot about it and now everything lore related is gone apart from the milk, the rift fragments and the monoliths… anddd the opening cutscene which introduced the lore but since the lore is gone, that cutscene is likely to also disappear as well and there is no point to keep a cutscene introducing something with dosen’t exist anymore…

Am i sad because the lore died and i was really interested about it? Yes.
Do i think the lore was a wasted potential to bring a lot of players and entertain many (including me)? Yes.
Do i believe the lore will get restored considering the lack of maintenance and the fact it was completely abadonned? No.


Thanks @RetNos for a great and frank reply.

I want to ask about monoliths!

I’ve only ever seen both completed in a world once !

I have 2 of the pieces and would like more. How plentiful were they? Do you have them? How did a player get them


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You can get a random piece from both dark and light by solving a cryptic mechanical box that have a chance of dropping when breaking ores in the level 5 mines


What are the chances @Retnos? For Cryptic Mechanical Box

I’ll say something like 0.5% - 1% from a ore.

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Thanks :smiley: :smiley: :D. :smiley: :smiley:

But this math means I need about 5 (or 6 if I don’t get them all) platinum mine keys.Which means I will grind for a few hours

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in my mining experience i got one cryptic mechanic box every 100 platinum mine keys, that would mean there is a 0,05% chance for one from gemstone blocks but they can be obtained from monsters too

i remember orawor posting on instagram that he found them killing monsters too

Blockquote This is an invalid statement

No it is not its just really really rare

Maybe @Robert_4444 Can show u the instagram post

What world were they in….?…. @ducatis

@Retnos Can u combine the fragments? Maybe for that whole glowing monolith thing if you own both monoliths in one world u need to charge them or something with the fragments

if lore ever becomes relevant again

i have one of the first rift fragment set* from the og rift

i was locked out of the level 125 door ADE requirements

i should have never given devs the level door idea i literally sabotaged myself

still at level 116… was at level 115 when lore hunters needed me for ADE
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