About rollback

Last night I bought a lot of items for 2 million bytecoins to restock my shop, then I put them on display, after that I built several new buildings in my world, I also dropped some of my items in the world, but suddenly I experienced a game reconnection for just a moment , when I returned my item that I had just put on display disappeared, and the building that I built returned to its original state, the item that I dropped returned to my inventory, if I was hacked it felt impossible, because my item had been on display for a long time and some of my expensive collections on mannequins are still there, the only thing missing is the new one I put on display and the new building. I don’t know why that happened, maybe you can check my purchase history or check my account email:lampuku806@gmail.com
Pw nickname: Joko3Periode

Just write an email to support and wait for 69 bajillion years and you’ll get everything back (maybe).