About the Bug reports category

Report a Problem subforum exists for a reason. And the Admins will take a look at the reports on here oftenly.
And if the problem has not been discussed yet, find the most reasonable answers to.
Note: Some of the examples bug in here are actually fixed.
Note: You can tag the Admins too if you want.
Here is the tips and probably much more like a Guide

-Repeated Reports . If anyone posted a problem that has been discussed, just tell the answers from the original report. Example if the solution is reload the game, just say reload the game.

- Someone is reporting about a harmless bug/glitch. The Glitch/bug will not ruin the game and doesn’t affect many people. Examples report about a Locking Bedrocks or something.
Reply it by thanking the reporter for finding the problem. And the Admin will take a look at a problem

- Grammatical Error reports. Take a look at the problem. If the problem has not been noticed by anyone before, just thank the reporter. And If the grammatical error is more like intended ( like the “I can has free gems” ). It has no problem at all. ( False Reports will be explained below )

- Decent Bug . A bug that won’t destroy the game but It can happen to many players. Example, like Lock outside a Lock. And Invisible block. Just do what I said earlier, just take a look at the problem. And you can check the bug as well. For double confirmation. And saying thanks for the report and the Admins will take a look at it.

- Serious Bug . A bug that still won’t destroy the game but(Dedicated/Small percentage that it might ruin the game) It could happen to many players even more than the Decent Bug. Examples Like, NO LEG GLITCH, and/or a Bug that can be used to SCAM PEOPLE. Even more example of that is “The World Trading with smaller locks bug” Where players can sell/buy the world that still has some smaller locks in it.
FOR THIS ONE, You can actually reply "report to support@kukouri.com or message to the Admins like @Dev or @Jake

- Major Bug . A bug that has a medium percentage that it might ruin the game. Examples like the Rollback bug. This can show that the bug can affects many players and might ruin their reputation on this game. You can reply like the Serious bug. You can actually reply "report to support@kukouri.com or message to the Administrator.

- EXPLOIT. A bug that WILL RUIN the game or allow the players to cheat in the game.
FOR THIS ONE, YOU will need to reply kinds of stuff like Request an Admin or a Moderator to close the thread. And tell the Poster to not report an Exploit to the forum because it has been warned. Note that doing exploits will get your account banned. Report the EXPLOIT to the Admins of this forum and the game or report to support@kukouri.com .
Example for this one is like DUPLICATING ITEMS or GETTINGS INFINITE GEMS or something.

- FALSE REPORTS . A report that is false. That the report is actually not a bug or a glitch.
Reply the real thing that is not a bug and you can add other things.

- PERSONAL PROBLEMS . A problem that happens to the current player, this personal problem can be caused by other bugs and some other things. Examples: Got rollbacked/ Purchased Gems are not delivered.
Just reply " tell the problem to the Admins or email to support@kukouri.com .

- Scammer Problem . Same as personal problem. This should not intended to the Forum. Reply by requesting thread closure or asking the owner delete the whole thing and change to something else.