About the Dumbfish

Yeah Dumbfish is the worst fish in the game.Its frustrating when you waited for minutes just to get a Dumbfish.Please remove Dumbfish from the game its so annoying.Im fishing in Sea Angler and sometimes getting dumbfish 5x in a row.

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fr. like whats the point of it tho? i feel like its kinda troll cuz it gives so less amnt of gems anyway :expressionless:

I think it was done for the sake of balancing, but I personally don’t like it either.

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skill issue

Yeah maybe also to like- make the gems the exact amount (by addind a little gems to make the a number 0 or multiple by 5 to make it perfect)

it was a “nerf” for fishing ages ago

it was to prevent too much profiting from just aiming for Sea Anglers

imagine getting 90 Large Anglers in 40 minutes

its kinda bothering to get that 3 in a row… i once got 3 large dumbfish in a row