About the Familiars Dupe Pandemic

As you all know recently there has been a outbreak of Dupes regarding Familiars within the game, if you encounter any Familiars with strange status such as Age,Name,Level and give of any signs of being a none real version of the item do not buy them. They are Bannable as they show they are not a Real one and can not be Mistaken for a Real one.

There was only 1 Real Bulbie in game made for TomasEditson sold to Duum and made it’s way in the Hands of EkipAli who made a few and eventually sold it to the Duper who made all these go around the game, They as for Currently written still not confirmed legal so if you get caught wearing one you might be asked to Trash or Hand them over by users containing a Blue or Purple username. there are many around the game but player do not decide when things become legal and when they do not that is up to staff to announce, SO DO NOT BUY,SELL OR OWN one of these TRASH IT!!

Safest Current Pets
Ones that look exactly like a real one where you can not determine if it’s fake or not isn’t Bannable but buy at your own risk as Admins might still decide to remove these

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Doesnt need a source tbh, ppl in discord has been complaining of getting ban due to holding/selling dupe pets, if you look in instagram story a user named doggy is one of those dupers, he currently have dupe pets and items so far in his story which i advice to not buy anything suspicious

Personally I just do the work for my own familiars, I don’t want to get banned