About the Marketplace Category (read before posting)

The Marketplace

The Marketplace category is used to showcase what items or worlds you have on sale as well as any items you’re looking to purchase. You can also choose to browse other users’ threads.

There are two subcategories that the Marketplace has to offer, Items and Worlds. You should try your best to post within the appropriate subcategory. For example, if you built a world with a cool castle in the center, that would be something under Worlds. On the contrary, if you are selling your new pair of shoes you found, then that would be under Items.

When posting within this category, be sure to include the item or world that you are selling (If selling a world, a picture of the world is recommended but not required). You should also title your thread accordingly, use phrases like ‘Buying’ or ‘Selling’ within the title to help differentiate between types of threads. While not required, you could also include a base price to help start negotiating a deal with another user

End note:

Ensure that you are following the in-game rules. Items and worlds should not be sold for any current found outside of the game (i.e USD, Euros, Pounds, etc). Be respectful to other players as they offer to trade for your item/world or as you offer to trade for theirs.

Lastly, remember that this is a game where you trade for what you want. Someone is bound to have the perfect item or world that you are looking for.