Access logs for mods

i think moderators should have access to see logs , it is hard sometimes even for them to contact admins and ask for logs, and it can take a while to get answer. It will be easier for them and they wont need to contact admins nonstop for logs. @Jake


Yea, would be nice. It can optimize the moderation a lot and make the moderation better.

Like they won’t get the dev software or something like this where they can see everyone logs, but there can be a option in the mod tools in game like “See Logs” --) “Select Player” and they can see up to 1 month of all the player activity in a popup.

This can look like this for example:

There can be categories for example:

Blocks: See what the player placed and broke

Trades: See all the trades of that player

Chat: See the chat of that player

PWE: Alll the PWE stuff the player made

You can see up to 30 days of the player past

This is only a suggestion, more can be added like for example a search bar in the mod tools where you can search for a player name and see their logs even if that player is offline and then, do actions about that player.

I made this in 30min tho don’t judge :skull:


nice idea! It’s easier to like find what item you trashed, and what do you say


I don’t even know why do only admins have the login and password to the logs. It should be part of the in-game admin panel for mods to access too.

yes exactly , mod powers are so restricted in pixel worlds


Wait, so the other day you treat it almost like a cardinal sin when there is a small visual bug with the undercover mode, but now you are fine with mods accessing player’s logs?

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Admins already have access to see every single thing I do in the game, so it’s not like I have a problem with it becoming available for mods.

That thing was different, that was mods CONTROLLING other players which is kinda unacceptable, even if it’s just visual settings. Imagine a mod forcing me in inverted-color mode.

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Yoo that would be sick




I 100% agree with Serxan, if moderators had access to logs it would save a TON of time (Mods’ and Admins’ time), and moderators wouldn’t have to depend on admins to check every single player.


on one hand i agree but also on the other hand it’s like, you want to give more power to moderators when they already abuse their current ones.


Abuse? i mean most of them are inactive lol


I mean, the only staff I’ve seen abuse is Jake - as in godmode just to cheat in parkour.

hold up- lemme just ban you because you don’t agree with me.


I 100% agree with you! @Virtuous

That was to make funny commentary for people playing black tower. He didn’t collect the prizes after all.