Account deletion

  • explanation
    pixel worlds servers are getting overloaded with so many accounts being made / already existing , a nice feature would be a “delete account” button inside the settings section , that button would trigger a screen that would explain that account deletion cannot be undone etc
    there will be a 1 minute cooldown to confirm that this is what the player wants , the player then will have to add a 6 digit code sent to their email to confirm that they are the person that owns the account , along with their username
  • process
    after all of the details are filled and the account’s deletion process is triggered any items contained in the inventory of the account that is getting deleted will be automatically trashed , the currency of the account will be set to 0 , any locks they have placed will automatically be removed (like clan lock termination process) or they will be triggered to instantly decay , the worlds that the player owned could also just be trigerred to reset and be as if they had never been entered by any player
    any PWE sales/orders will automatically be cancelled , any best set leaderboard records will display “deleted account” or just " - "
    if the account was at the time in a card battle tournament leaderboard its score would be automatically set to “0” and the leaderboard would work as normal, adding the person with the next-lowest score at their place ( same for fishing tournaments )
    any items displaying that account’s personal record ( like fishing trophies (highest score for fish caught) , and any tournament trophies would also display " - " )
    any items inside bank bot will be deleted and everyone in the friends list of that player would get automatically removed
    most of these features are actually already part of pixel worlds game so you do not need to make complicated coding to achieve this feature
    for the player to be able to delete their account , it has to be at least 365 days old , the account must not have received any reports in the span of 14 days and the account will not be able to get deleted if it has an ongoing ban
    ( also there could be a system that does not allow the account to be deleted for 30 days if the account receives a warning )
    after that , the username used in the account will be added in a “list” so anyone trying to make an account with that same name will see the message “invalid name” or “deleted account” and that is pretty much the only thing that will be kept from that account
    any logs created will be kept for 30 days ( 1 - 3 months sounds like a reasonable amount of time ) in order to check for any reports or suspicious activity , then they would be deleted as well ( automatically or manually )
    that is what i have to say for the process , it could really help with the server stability
    some people might say " just log off and delete the game " but it is not the case , many people might want to just be " forgotten " and there is actually a right about that , “the right to be forgotten” (rarely , a player’s name could be directly related to their actual name , making it somewhat a part of their “personal data”) others might just want their account deleted for privacy reasons
  • features suggested by other players
    account deletion can not happen if the player owns a clan world
    accounts that have reached 1.000 days of inactivity will be automatically deleted ( with an email sent 1 week prior ) so names that have already been taken but have been wasted could get a good use , to prevent impersonation , these accounts will display " deleted account " inside the " legacy XP level " box ( any account created this way will still be able to get deleted manually as soon as it meets the required circumstances (when an account is created this way , it will be like a new account except for the legacy XP level display) ) [this feature could be placed directly into the account “status” box but it could get messy] in general you could place that additional account information inside a completely new box placed somewhere within the account status
  • references
    many of the features stated above already exist actually , sometimes worlds might be triggered to completely reset , even if they are owned by a player
    the " - " display acts as a placeholder and it already exists !

    in general , finding / making all of these features should not be as hard as making an entirely new feature can be
    you could also combine the world resetting with the small lock auto-removal (when a clan is being created / terminated the clan lock is automatically replacing the world lock / the world lock is automatically replacing the clan lock)
    you could add the “delete account” button under the “log out” button found within the “account” button in the main menu , or you could place that button somewhere within the settings (accessed from the cog icon in the main menu,located at the top right corner) to prevent hackers , you could make this function “server sided” (the same way like a player’s password is (?))
    if account deletion is introduced to players then a new tab must be made in the “help” section accessed from the main menus via the “question mark button” located at the the top left corner
  • final description
    deleting a player’s data that has been collected sometimes is not enough , this suggestion’s purpose is to suggest a collection of (mostly) already existing mechanics that developers could basically “copy-paste” to create a feature that will be helpful towards players and towards pixel worlds game server stability itself , what are your opinions on this suggestion ?

i can swear on god if this gets out there will be lots of thread named ‘‘How can i get my deleted account back???’’

but its pretty nice idea. i think it will work real good too


did you even get to read all of it ?
you can not delete your account by accident and the consequences of your account being deleted will be pretty clear !

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ik but there will be some people still asking that. and yes i am a fast reader i read that all

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Make it confirm your email 69 bajillion times, put your IP address, SSN, when your parents leave for work, the time you and your parents go to sleep, how often you shower. And how many kidneys you have.




at the morning

at the night

everytime i get dirty

1(sold one for video games)

andd done.

now i want my acc back


anyone else has something to say about this idea ?

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This account deletion idea without any form of two-factor authentication to login would be a disaster waiting to happen. Imagine someone gets hacked (like Zygora did) and the hacker can literally vanish the account from existence.


Also, I don’t know the effects of actually pressing the button on the image below this message, but it sounds pretty much like an account deletion of some sorts (I might be wrong)

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it looks like a “log out” button but with the addition that you do not agree with their terms of service

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I tried that thing myself. All it does is just make the prompt asking you for your birthdate and the one asking for the ToS re-appear. It doesn’t log you out, it doesn’t delete anything. It just asks you to reconfirm the ToS.

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this should stop the scenario you described

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( just making sure other people get to see this post as well )

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Honestlii, if they added something like this, ocne they have a 2FA before it, i mean, i think the account deletion/wipe is a reallii cool idea, but at the same time…

Imagine old accounts that “decay” for example, “Hated” and someone remakes the account, and pretends to be said person, some people might fall for that, or, what if an old moderator quits and, etc? you know, some names would regardless have to be kept on lock, or at the least, just, non-decayable in some way / not useable or shows that it’s a new account via an icon by the name, the clone name hack ingame has confused some people before, so, i wouldn’t be suprised if something as simple as that got someone scammed.

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the game just will ask your age and tos accept

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that would be no problem


Bumping thread so other people can read it as well!

I’ll put a new thread on this

We did it boys!

Is this a new addition or always so?

I dont really get the “I want to delete my account” idea. You can just stop using it!

If someone is that paranoid about data security they should probably stop using internet altogether!..

Maybe it’s a good way to break a habit if you want to stop but can’t… As in playing PW. Even then a player could just open a new account