Account kost

Hello pixel worlds!
I have an account called Double_kill
I changed my password and I forgot it
and the problem is that the recovery email is deleted
what should I do??
and how could I get into my account?

Did you made a IAP ? (In app purchase)

If yes, bring the recipient to support and they will help you out to get your account back!


didn’t unfortunately

Oh… Well without knowing the password and without recovery email, it’s gonna be really hard to get your account back…


whats the ways to get it back please…

If you forgot your password and didn’t put a recovery email, the only way to get your account back is if you made a IAP. If you didn’t… sadly there is not other way to get the account back.

You sure you didn’t noted your password somewhere ?


yes… but the recovery account is
I cant create an account again

I suggest you to not write your email here because it’s a public place where everyone can see it…

You mean the recovery email, nah?


yea I can’t get into it

Sooo if i’m right, the email you wrote is the recovery email that you have set on your Pixel Worlds in game account and you can’t access that email anymore?


yes unfortunately…
and that’s it

Well… in your situation, you can’t get your account back UNLESS you find a way to find your email password.

When you try to log on your email, there should be a button “Forgot my password” you should click on that and follow the instructions to reset your password or something.

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u don’t understand. I deleted the recovery email… not forgetting its password

Oh… well then, you should email the support → ← and explain your situation.

Tell them that the recovery email that is on your in game account got deleted and you can’t access it anymore. They will surely get back to you to find a solution.


tysm already talked to them I’m waiting the reply ty for trying to help me!

Jake openly admitted that unless you have access to your recovery email, know your password, or have made an IAP, there is NO WAY TO RECOVER YOUR ACCOUNT AT ALL.

I doubt that support is going to respond.


Me is forgot me password me is no have is me recovery email.

@RetNos I know your trying to be nice and helpful but your just wasting your own and anans time he can’t get back into his account.


Yes bring Kukouri to kukouri

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Small mistake oops… my bad