Actually punish people for spreading hate?

Here’s a suggestion: Punish people who filter dodge to use the n-word. Punish people who use group chat to express how much they hate gay/trans people. I see this nearly every day, I report the messages, then i see the same people the very next day saying the same things.

This is a game, an escape from reality, not a platform to argue with kids over whether or not minorities deserve basic rights. I don’t care what your political beliefs are, if I did, i wouldn’t discuss them in pw.

I understand that the mods have a lot of reports coming in everyday, but if the load is too much to handle a simple warning/mute/ban for a report made over weeks ago on an account that is still actively filter dodging to call other players slurs, then they are severely understaffed or just don’t care.

Mate, there are like 10 mods and like 0 of them are in my timezone.
I’m guessing its just cuz of that

set your expectations lower. yeah, not a great thing to say but you cannot expect much from a game that gets updated every 12 months and where every new mod selection comes with a scandal.

i don’t think it’s that the moderators don’t care or are understaffed, i just think they can’t be bothered. i think that most of the mods we have are good people, but good people don’t always make good moderators.


In the context written :100: agree.

I’ve got a real issue with some wording in a world which is just not appropriate to little kids , especially as our little sister even asked me about it

I’ve reported the world twice …

Nothing has been done .

All Ill say it’s a list of well known porno websites

Quite frankly Kukuori would not be happy and I would think in some parts of the world (USA??) they could be open to prosecution !

6+ yr olds and porno - good luck with that !

At first i thought well ok, I’m pretty laid back , but in the end It made me mad - writing this brings it back.

Anyway it just proved to me the game isn’t properly controlled

I’ll check the world in a min and see.

I can remember the name without any probs

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Ding ding ding, out game is severely understaffed. I stumble upon an entire venn diagram of hackers, homophobes, racists, illegal traders almost every day and people slandering left and right

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Funny… every mod that was recently chosen from the last application is now useless. RetNos is the only one trying, even if the forums are not really used by many people and mods here are rarely useful.