Add me on Wiimmfi!

Wii FC: 4973-7307-8766-4535
Wiimmfi FC: 4601-6329-0368

Just please inform me of your friend code if you decide to add me as you need to add friends both ways to be registered.

Why on pixel worlds forums?

What is that
What even is that

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Just do as he says, I’m scared.

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Are those nuclear launch codes?

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um ondra

i have wii, but how do i add you?

Does your Wii have Mario Kart Wii & are you connected to Wiimmfi’s servers instead of WFC’s ones?

If so, go into MKWii, select Wiimmfi (WFC) 1 player, then press “Friends” & then “Register a friend”. Then input the 12-digit code (NOT the 16 digit one) and let me know.

To find out your FC, below the buttons in the “Friends” menu, your Mii, Mii name and your FC is displayed.

Send me the 12-digit string that is displayed for you.

I have a 3ds, wii and 3ds are “friends” so ill try