Add more Stairs and Elevator!

I know we have those red and grey kind of fire escape stairs in the modern pack but we need more of those stairs, but may be different from the fire escape.

stairs that is made simple.
design - zigzag with brown design ; crossbreedable using wooden platform seed + door seed.

For the elevator, it will act like the PIXELSTATION’s Ladder but this can let you enter.
this can also or needs wiring to work too but its optional.

adding this suggestion to discord since this has no feedbacks*

I know there’s a bug that you can make a elevator. im pretty sure it still works, I don’t think you can get banned for doing it. (But someone may think your hacking though).

is there already an elevator in-game? i never knew it existed.

Its a bug, but yea it sorta exists.

it’s a bug with that blue pushing thing from secret base. i don’t remember the block name. it just makes you float upwards to the max height.

seems intresting to find that out.