Adding a mark or glow on fishes or gems?

I’ve been super hesitating with buying fgems and mgems through worlds because it’s very hard to tell which is huge, small, or tiny, you name it!
Well, how about adding like a mark or something so everyone knows the size?
Example if there’s a tiny fish it should have a mark “T” next to it.
A lot of scammers get away with scamming this way even I got scammed very few times. So could we please add this feature sometime in the future? There’ll be less way for a scammer to scam people easily as well.

I even seen someone scammed by being lied there’s 500k fgems, turns out it was 200k.
Please bump this post so we can stop scammers scamming this way!
Meanwhile, only buy fgems/mgems from trusted people just as jamesxdaf, customise, and so on. :slight_smile:


actually ive been doing mining for like alot of times not i think i exit for like 300times already and i can tell the difference between small - huge ruby im not sure about the others but give it a few days you keep trading mgems and fgems im pretty sure u would memorize what size they are in with just a glance

not that needed i just tell the owner to pick it up and show me i trade if it really is huge

People can still scam that way, even if they show in trade. I’ve tried it almost getting scammed.

@Mysterious another thing i do is just zoom down to the lowest this kinds usually works best on pc and look closely then you can tell the difference i usually look at the fish eyes

i tried to minimize possible scamming on my end. but usually i would do a scaling build for tiny->huge. granted not most of what people do on selling gems, but full grouping them will be the best case scenario for sellers to get those gems sold. i would do an example on how i manage my stuff while selling f/mgems, but people would be more prone to dishonest means. so the best case is for them to reorganize and for you to check for misplay (large-huge mix-up will be a fatal occurrence).

Useful but the scammers will still find their way to scam. overall around 75-80% is the effiency.

My Suggestions and stuff

I used to suggest about detecting the fgem values.