Admins and the forums

So, we moved from old forums to new. Good, I guess. But there’s only one admin, which is Dev, that actively communicated with us on the forums.

  • Jake has a forum account and I think that he even posted stuff on the first few days (that excludes the posts that were auto-posted on forum setup.)
  • Commander_K has a forum account, but… Zero. Nil. Null. Nada. Zilch. He posted ABSOLUTELY nothing.
  • Other admins, like EndlesS don’t even have forum accounts. Guess they don’t like community interaction.

Thank you, Dev, for at least trying to communicate to us via these forums. We appreciate that we at least have some admin to talk to.

But what is with the other admins? IIRC, Commander_K used to be active on old forums?

Endless actually has forum account and uses it sometimes

Also, I think there is a section only available for moderators, like lounge which is for regulars, you should really investigate stuff before posting, but yeah.

Do note that being a community manager has a lot of stuff to do

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I also have a theory that Jake *doesn’t* have a forum account, and that the Jake account is actually like the “Roblox” account on roblox devforums, which is basically an “undercover” account under which can admins post.
Do note that the “About Category” posts on the roblox devforums are made by the Roblox account, while those posts are made by “Jake” here.

So Jake can stay away from the forums and we don’t complain about Jake not being here and not “joining the fun”.

Seems unlikely, i do believe Jake owns the account, and sometimes uses it.

the Jake in this forum is actually controlled 100% by Jake :smiley:


Why would we need admins to be active on forums? It doesn’t help with anything.


dev and endless have always been active on the forums, even from the old one. Its pretty nice.

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It has always been like this, Dev and EndlesS being the most active admins in the forums, as Shawn stated in the reply above.

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They might be active, lurking around the forums. They don’t have to reply.


Most people prefer to lurk around instead of replying to anything.