Ahhh… freedom

Feels good to be away from forums.

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omg bernardo . ///./.,/.,!25657hbvnbv

It has become habit of mine to check forums daily, although I don’t bother leaving posts unread anymore, since most of them assuming from the title are just random drama or trash.

Forums are just hell now, nothing like it used to be

Omg duckles its me Froji

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Is froji your nick or what?

What are you saying bro

Is Froji your nickname or what? I do not comprehend what you are trying to say by Froji. Does it have a meaning or is it just a name like mine “Tellcode”?

Also was my daily habit, but lost interest after a year

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he is asking u is froji your real name or ur nickname

I can still play genshin and guardian tales and arknights and ark survival while still playing pw or using the forums :sob: