IGN: PirahSet

I’m so tired.


then go sleep piranha
good night

Good luck dude, you put a lot of work into this lol



My submission is in, right?

Or do I need to upload it to instagram?

Cool, How does it work?

There’s space invaders and tictactoe

Made a little adjustment

There’s actually another adjustment I’d like to make but I’m too lazy and I reached the wiring limit.

It’s in! This is enough, you don’t need to upload to Instagram :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


Can i submit another one?

But it was made 9 months ago

Yes you can submit more than one and it doesn’t matter how old the world is :+1: I’m about to close the contest but if you post the world name and in-game name here, I’ll include it in the running!

Already done. @suscalculator. You can close the contest.