All 3 ranged weapons

What are all the 3 ranged weapons

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Dude there are loads.

All 3 crossbows (4 if you include the untradeable one)
Both clan shields
Spectrum gun
Dessert eagle
Elite water gun
Green paintball gun

I think the boomerang but I don’t have one so not sure

There are defo more I just can’t recall them

I am curious as to any swords?? I don’t have a long reach sword

Can’t believe forgot this …

I have a spare if you want to buy…

Shield of Apollo - was in my inventory ! :joy:

AK-47, Elite Water Gun, Golden Desert Eagle, Spectrum Gun, Light Clan Shield, Dark Clan Shield, Green Paintball Gun, Shuriken, Shield of Apollo, Astro Cannon, Mechanical Crossbow, Stake Launcher Crossbow, Solar Crossbow, Cupid Crossbow, Boomer-a-rang, Harpoon Gun, Dubstep Bazooka, Egg Hunter Bazooka, Crackshell Helmet, Tentacle Helmet, Sir Laser Helmet, Green Bouncer Shield, Epic Pickaxe, Dark Pickaxe, Golden M16, Ice Rifle, Mace of Frost Giants, Flame Sword, Watermelon Gun, Tridentist Lance, Evil Tridentist Lance, Hammer of Might, Spirit Claw


Surely these aren’t tradeable, as bought from the shop? I wish I had that M16…

It’s funny cos I have some of these as well and just forgot .!

Great list that

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This is NOT long reach, I double checked …
Same as most other swords

Swords would be a good bonus …

I need a Hammer Of Might after reading that …

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there is an untradeable one that i don’t know the exact name of, could be Fire Sword if not Flame Sword

Could it be the new flaming claw?

I need one block range weapons list.

This should be a separate thread

I have no idea what to go with here…

I know the Nordic and anniversary swords are, I think the green boxing glove …mmm machete…

Have a look at world MLKC

Ok I went there and checked all the weapons, was fun
Short hitters:-
Wooden Sword
Short Sword
Ice Cream Club
Bread Knife
All 3 Viking Shields
Edit: Thor’s shield (why??)
Edit2: Green Boxing Gloves (forgot to add)

NB: The Norse sword is NOT short range, my bad.

This is not all the weapons of course the world is for displaying ‘lesser’ weapons

Can someone tell me what range the golden short sword has , it’s one I don’t have and so want …

beautiful sword but the range is 1

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I still want it :grinning:

tribal egg bazooka is 3 range

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