Amazon has upped their game

For new affiliates, the following information will now be required:

  • Full real name
  • Address
  • Card number
  • Card expiry date
  • CVV
  • ID card number
  • Passport number
  • Social Security Number
  • Two vials of your blood
  • Your fingerprint
  • A full 3D scan of your face
  • Your DNA sequence
  • Your blood type
  • Maker ID in Mario Maker 2
  • ACNH dream address and custom design ID
  • Game Builder Garage programmer ID
  • Account ID in Levelhead
  • And finally, YOUR SOUL

If you do not submit this info, you will not be able to reveal your streaming key.

You know what’s sad? There will still be sheeple that will willingly provide ALL of this info, seeing how many affiliates have willingly inputted their social security number (well, except Jake which has inputted Kukouri’s company ID instead).


Wow interesting we definitely needed to know this.

How long will it take you to realise we don’t actually care?


amazon is a trusted website across the world so i wouldnt really care to submit my personal info they only use it to ship stuff to me.

Because Bezos has paid 100% of the taxes he needed to pay and employees there aren’t treated like robots.

aren’t is that a autocorrect error or did you mean he is

In about 10 minutes I’m heading to the shop to buy some snacks.
Thinking of buying doritos
Although I could change it up a little and buy something sweet instead. :smiley:


I thought you’re talking about the game Amazon released called new world. From what i hear from everyone who bought it the game melts high end graphic cards ( the graphics aren’t that great) and people wait 2 hours ( you can refund your game in the period of 2 hours) just to join a game and get disconnected and wait in a queue

Trying to find something good to read on the forums, i waited patiently for something marvelous and wonderful. I looked in every nook and cranny for something to read, and have found wonderful articles on things i find interesting.

But, still the only thing I still can’t seem to find is who asked .-.