An Idea or opinion of mine

Today i will provide here my most ideal things about anything


  1. Unlike Mining Pickaxe, Rod should have Repair. Not i mean an actual repair but “string” repair which they can obtain the string from miners which came from spiders cobwebs or from the piece of rope. Just by extracting it from an unknown machine to produce strings

  2. Squids - is this possible to be? For me, yes by including squid jigs but its up to you where it can obtain by

Mining (Connected)

  1. Coal and Spiders Web, Coal is used to extract Web from a string to an unknown machine

  2. Mining Gears - should be include such an armor as defense from monsters

• Lumberjack/Metal Detecting - as an other option between mining and fishing (process depends)… I KNOW CUTTING TREES ARE KINDA HARMFUL AND BAD BUT IT IS JUST A GAME…(Materials will be gathered is used to create weapons/extracted as gems).

Notice: No Hate Guys! It is just an idea or opinion of mine. If this idea offends you, you are freely to reach me out :slight_smile:

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You seem to be enamored of realism. Fishing is already balanced as it was nerfed multiple times.

Good idea, one more additional species isn’t bad

Mining gears are already great as those are attached with buffs, few having small amount of armors. Most people wear Nemean Lion Helm for high chance of survival, it doesn’t take much clothes slot. Besides, enemies aren’t that hard imo

More of a good equipment on mining, for those who aren’t good at finding every gemstones and nuggets like me.


Make your rods still work even the string is broken.

Instead of making your rod un-useable, instead make it stronger to catch larger fishes:

0% = Very weak to catch a Huge Fish
100% = Very easy to catch a Huge Fish

(1% Durability is used up when using the rod 12 times)



Exactly, like depth based

Maybe i suggest more about:

• Fishing Gloves are good too…grips or handling i think (More chance to catch Huge Fish)