An optionally 'Active world'

Surely everyone has already met with the spam bot issue. It is made easy for the bots to find worlds to harass us in through the ‘Active worlds’ menu-section. We could think of ways to fix this issue such as hiring more moderators or applying other restrictions but it is easy for a bot programmer to find ways around them.

By adding a voluntary check-box in the world lock that allows you to choose whether you wish your world to be showcased in the ‘Active worlds’ would make many of us happy. This could also be implemented in form of an item such as a type of rule bot etc.

Additionally it might even bring more traffic to worlds owned by players who wish more players to visit them. But for us who wish to be in solitude with a tight group of friends, the hackers blocking the chat are far from fun.


The game needs a re write / version 2.

The bots could be programmed out. As could all duping .

It won’t happen though. It’s set up to tick over with just enough effort to keep it device friendly and add a few new items to rolling events

It has managed to stay alive for now because there is nothing else out there even close to what it has. It’s deluded by kukouri to think this can go on forever …

I honestly think they can make it out without a rewrite, just a reset to the whole game and a developer or more onboard. I honestly think kukouri can still save this. I don’t know why I still have hope.

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I’ve sort of lost that.

I’m with you on your thoughts. I’ve said several times the game could be massive . Another mjnecraft or whatever. Imagine a store with an isle full of real world reproductions of favourite sets! Real merchandise

It needs someone to promote it as well. Mind you that can’t now happen unless the game is developed more , properly…

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Mik? damn haven’t seen you in a while, and the first post i see from you is a great one.