Angel Wings Rizz

Dear Rizzilians,

Do any of you guys have angel Wings? Or want to obtain them?

I actually really like them but they seem hard to obtain.

I been active this 2 month everyday & I don’t How did I missed it

I been asking some ppl and basiclly it droped by some admins 200K bc.
Try to find one you may got lucky. ppl sell 8M btw

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Thanks , thanks, thanks🙏

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Me too the week lohkalapsi was doing the buy it at 100k we even put multiple players in some if our worlds …

I can’t help feel it was easier for her to go to folks she knew?

I felt a bit hard done by …

I also play everyday, that week was glued !

Plus unlike most i like them bad wbated for a set … no flipping on my part … i ain’t bc rich

Does anyone know if Angel Wings are limited items?
Thank you

Probably, or rather an Xmas exclusive item

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