Animation video for Pixel World (The Born of Hot Dog Suit)

Hii guys ,this is my first time make animation video for pixel worlds :laughing:
I tried my best to make this animation video in Pixel World by using Flimora LOL. Ok, basically it’s harder than I expected…who use Flimora 9 to edit animation video right?!
But yeaa, I found out editing animation video was fun and probably I’m going to buy Adobe After Effect to make more about Pixel World animation video :smiley:

I’m a newbie for Photoshop and animation editing, this is my first time…So, hope yall like it :smiley:


Contest even hasn’t started and prizes are yet to decide…

omg you used the among us sound effect! I hear it with my own ears!

This kinda feels like a fever dream

Uhmm yeaa ,but I decided to publish it earlier . Maybe I’ll make another animation movie video for the up coming movie contest :laughing: This is just my first try ,hope you will like it :smiley:

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Hahahaha yepp , the original edited video was no sound effect when they are talking , but then I decided to use Among us typing sound effect :joy:

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