AnonymousCreep's world is really good

So I just got done with the new WOTW called ''GALACTICGATEWAY’’, it’s similar to ARCANIA:
Both consist of multiple worlds, to form a story. Creep’s world is a bit shorter than ARCANIA, but you really should give it a try, had a lot of fun with the story.

More WOTW’s should be done with this style IMO


Wait for it. My clan leader is right now working on by far the longest wotw ever.

little spoiler: its over 50 worlds :upside_down_face:, you dont have to do it all, you’ll see when its out.

however that takes time, imagine clearing 50 worlds, and building stuff in there, and what such thing costs.

so wait bit more

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Cool, GALATICGATEWAY took me EXACTLY an hour to complete. I haven’t completed ARCANIA tho, so in the meantime I’ll wait for your leader’s world


Thats sick. Tell me when its finished, I love worlds where you can explore

Yo, do you happen to have pictures of the world by any chance? im really interested about rebuilding it since its now been destroyed. Too bad that I never got to play the world so I don’t even know what it looked like :confused: