Another lost item due to roll back

I have a question for any who might know .

So I had an order for a sunny … Had been up for ~ 2 days. I check one of my PWEs to find great its come in. So I pull it from the PWE into my inventory… probably 5 mins later I try it out and was then saving items into storage (small chests) … I have to leave the room (afk) on return the game has crashed me out.

When I finally get back in (just now ) the Sunny has gone ?

What I don’t get is I thought stuff that made it into your inventory would still be there?

This is the second pet I have now lost …

How is this game playable when it’s like this ?

Before saying approach support it did me absolutely no good the last time I tried …

If every other item you get is lost then the game really is broken …

I’ve lost so much due to roll back.

Oh fyi yet again a different world and also an Alt, this particular account is very well established in the game.

I really am losing heart.

I cannot be the only one , surely?

The world I’m in has crashed again FFS
It’s also the one I had to close because of getting too many bots is this to do with them?

Having just got back in the game I try and re-enter the world and it crashed me from the whole game, again!

The world has no floating blocks , but does have a very large number of items in chests (and a few safes) and a few donations boxes one of which is glitched

@RetNos do you recall our conversation about bots that do not show a ban or kick button.

Well I just went into the world mentioned that this thread refers to . There were two subject accounts there , both bots, alternating skin tone etc and neither had the ban nor kick button.

I was too slow to get a picture

Finally some photo graphic proof.

They are quick and don’t hang around long.

Direct pics of a laptop screen

Both these bots have no kick nor ban option.
Others came and went that did but that’s not what I’m trying to show.

I’ve been annoyed by world and account crashes often but my experience has been the opposite of loss; actually duplicating things like shadowsuit, thick glasses, space feline headphones not just once or twice but several times

This does not matter as far as I am aware

How do you expect to kick or ban a bot if it no longer is within the world by the time you press its profile?

Actually I was sat there with the world profile box open you could see the bots as they arrive, and leave . They all do friend request apart from the floating one

From what I can see there are 4 different types of bot. These pictured , which don’t stay long.
The one with the huge text box which will move around if allowed.
Another doesn’t move and seems to levitate slightly into the box above it. Its almost like its checking something and it seems to always be followed by another that moves around , I have seen 3 in a world. I first saw this floating bot during the St Patrick’s event where it would stand and stare whilst the others moved about …
Then there is the alternating skins and lesser text box spamming their social media
I can’t remember if the tall text box one alternates it’s skin

The others have kick and ban, not that it works .

Maybe I play the game too much but I am 100% sure about the above and have plenty of pics to prove it, even the floating one from the St Patrick’s event.

If you leave portals open the moving around bots have the ability to emerge from them… they also can’t be killed even that massive laser doesn’t touch them…
I might try a cannon on them just because I can. They don’t all summon neither some do some don’t

I naively thought this problem had reduced even started to go away… Well the last few days have told me not …

I feel like the game is run by people who aren’t actually gamers, well not in PW at least . Cos no true gamer would tolerate this especially when some of them will hit you

A few days back Farm Miner asked me to re approach support with my losses and because of today’s I have done so.

I re replied to the email they sent me

I’ve asked them to do something about my hacked donations box as well.

We’ll see what happens

You are lucky dude. Do you wanna sell a pair of those glasses?
Only one occasion I’ve gained, having farmed some potted plants I was half way through breaking blocks when it crashed. When I finally got back in the farm was waiting as though I had not started … Of course the ones that had gone into my inventory were still there …
A decent gain I suppose, the fact is they are very very hard to farm - so for that is was worth it.

I have these on permanent farming

they’ve already been sold

I suppose they overloaded the world