Any new official communication methods?

So the only 3 communication methods with the community are:

  • These forums
  • The Discord
  • PW Streams

Let’s start with these forums. There is one extremely annoying troll and half of the community is getting sick of it. Everytime their account gets banned, a new one is created.
Also, the moderators randomly remove some threads. I read most of the threads and the ones being removed aren’t breaking the rules.

Then, the Discord. The main problem with it is a moderator that keeps banning people for next to no reason, including for sending messages in the wrong chatroom or for saying the F-word once. Why don’t you add a swear filter instead of banning?
Most of the people on these forums, including me, are banned from the Discord. I heard someone only got 2 strikes before being banned.

The problem I have with the streams is mostly personal - Amazon Twitch is extremely aggressive with wanting your social security number. No SSN? You cannot use polls. Channel points? How about you forget about them, unless you input your SSN?
And to use the premium currency THAT YOU BUY FOR YOUR OWN MONEY, you can only do it on streamers that have inputted their SSN.
Also, the stream method is only available on Thursdays.

Do I have to say more? Community interaction is possible only via these 3 methods. Due to the nature of the game where users are split between worlds, in-game chat isn’t a possibility, UNLESS you GM, however a GM is 2.5k gems which can get expensive pretty quickly.

There are at least 5. Instagram and support

They don’t check both of them.


well we have Facebook but barely anyone ges there.

same thing with Reddit.

Well, the PW subreddit is completely dead. Jake only posted once on there to make an AMA.

Twitch, YouTube, In-Game, Forums, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and Steam are all pw discussion platforms (Even if some of them aren’t as active as the others). Creating more platforms only further spreads out the community so I don’t see why you would want more. If discord didn’t exist, majority of those people would be active on forums instead. Seems to me that you just want a backup for when you get banned here.