Any tips in making a storage world?

Due to the overwhelming amount of stuff i collected from 2017 to the present, random items i bought from pwe, and stuff i got from treasure chests, my current storage in my world is getting pretty monstrous and hard to organize. So as the title suggests, I am gonna build a storage world. The problem is, I have a limited amount of skill in building worlds in pw. while I am still currently planning out what I’m going to build I just wanted to ask for any other things I should know when building a storage world, or a world in general. I don’t need any complete details on how to do it, I just wanna know if there are any important things I need to like take note of or something…

Thanks in advance

Not really a tip on building but stay on top of it and stay organized I have probably around 2-3 storage worlds and I usually get lazy and stop organizing things then they become a disaster lol.

Storages are pretty easy to build at least in my opinion since they are purely for you and don’t need to be pretty as long as they serve their essential purpose of storing items.

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oh thanks :smiley: (20 Characters)

Just drop, fill a shop

Sell it all for a buck(Not really)

Hey that rhymes

You can organize stuff like a section for clothing, another for blocks and deco, and maybe a section of your most valuable items