Anyone remember (or have proof of) lock wars?

Hai. I’m one of those guys who joined PW a few years back, had some fun for a month or two, then stopped.

There was this awesome pastime back in 2019 or 2020 that some world creators forgot to place locks on their spawns, or just not have WLs, then players flooded in and placed their own locks as close to spawn as they could, either trap new players, pimp out their little space… you got to know your fellow players, each with our own spot of territory. Like anarchic border politics. You could actually pay players for entry out of a tight spot if you were in the right spot. I got a few locks from richies I trapped once.

I couldn’t find any worlds this today… at least no active ones. They used to be really cool, and there was always at least one every few days. I was in around 4 or 5 lock wars.

There are a few mentions of it in the forums and a few chats in the Discord, but no photos or video.

According to t/7537/3 this was a thing on Growtopia as well. And luckily I found a video of a Growtopia Lock War… but still nothing on PW. Which sucks, because lock wars were so fun D=

If anyone has photos/videos of a PW lock war, or knows where to find active lockwars nowadays, reply now dude!

it still exist and I found them pretty common, but I stop playing them cuz I always lost my locks :smiley:

I know a world with a lock war, and sadly, @Byrne won

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Sadly, no. The one and only world I know is LOCKWAR. But I might make a lock war myself in the future with a rare world name, who knows.

after a bit more digging turns out yeah this did originally popularize from Growtopia back in '17, earliest mention is from the Growtopia Forums in 2014, and later shifted to Pixel Worlds along with much of the playerbase. Still no videos found apart from that Growtopia one. would love some, and yes I am aware about LOCKWAR

Ofc. Imagine loosing :flushed: