Apparently I cannot post anymore?

When I log in to the forums, I see this beauty:

All of these were threads I posted yesterday.

you posted too many threads

3 per day isn’t that much.

all your threads were about Wii or bans

I’m sorry. But what other topics should I talk about?

please stop posting

Stop telling me what to do. I play PW, I post on the forums. I got 66k karma on Reddit exactly because I was posting frequently.

your threads were spammy

I literally just talked about this with my dad. He agreed that 3 threads a day isn’t spam and shouldn’t be removed.

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Idk bro, maybe look back at your old threads because there were plenty of advice


It actually kind of is, but I don’t mind that much if it’s interesting, (I’m pretty sure no forumer makes 3 topics a day)

Well people here aren’t interested anymore about those since you kind of connect too many things to wii and bans while many people here don’t even have a bit knowledge about wii, maybe you can post original PW stuff, I mean no one is forcing you to make that many wii references

Well you can post, but may you lessen wii topics and bans? It’s really useless when you’re just showing it to people who don’t have interest in it, you can try posting those in places where people are actually interested

Also I’m pretty sure many people have pointed these out so :skull:

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bruh keeps asking what He did wrong and many people gave him honest opinions and advice.

But He keeps repeating the same thing and keeps making new posts asking on what He did wrong and what He should improve.



Yeah ondrashek we always tell you how to improve but you don’t actually listen to us and change.

3 per day is not a lot if you only do it once, but if you consistently do it even 1 a day is a lot.

And you consistently do 3 a day.

So I only get a credit of 1 thread per day, and credits stack? So if I post 0 threads in 3 days, I can post 3 threads?

Why do you even want to make more posts?
Just chill relax, no need to just spam about wii and bans.


To be fair though, he hasnt posted about wii in awhile, he just posts about bans. and sometimes good suggestions

I try to restrict my Wii posts. Bans are unavoidable due to the fact that there is borderline admin abuse still going on. Just play like a normal player and only use that stupid panel if it’s needed for moderation and DON’T USE GODMODE TO JUST CHEAT IN PARKOUR.

Ah yes, I remember you saying in twitch chat that you leave the stream because of the god mode, WHILE Jake was just giving useful tips how to make world better with using admin tool so he could show each and every part that needs a little improving quickly.

In your mind he should have went back to these parts that need improving like a normal player and waste 30 minutes of 2 hour long stream?

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We need to do that, he should have to do that too. Literally the only thing the panel should be used for is moderation.

Also, he could just say the advice without using godmode.

Parkour was long, it would have been hard to explain which exact part needs to be improved.

Why it bothers you so much? Jealousy or what?

It’s just faster, easier and more detailed to explain what traps should be changed etc.

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To be absolutely honest, I am kinda jealous of the panel. It has a lot of stuff you can use.

That’s why I’ve made the images of AdmIn (short for Admin Interface), but never worked on it since that would be hard considering the images have tons of stuff such as restrictions or locks.

Well, if admin panel makes you jealous you shouldn’t watch streams i guess :neutral_face:
Admin panel IS needed to give better and faster help in streams, like in this case: how to improve some parts of the parkour.

Thanks for being honest btw.