Are Pets Able to Bring Items/People With Them to Other Dimensions?

In a locked thread, @HeyRicky said…

Which got me thinking…

So, what do you think about this? Although it wears the pet out for a few hours, they seem to be able to bring items back from the parallel dimension in question, which must mean that anything the pet is carrying gets transported alongside them.

Maybe there’s a feasible way for a Pixelian to give items to a pet, which can then be transported to the parallel dimension. Maybe there’s even a way that pets could bring Pixelians into the parallel dimension with them, but since Nelly mentions that pets are the only creatures that can travel to the parallel dimension, it seems unlikely.

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You trying to say something by liking this, Dev? :thinking:

dev sus :eyes:
maybe pets are related to lores? who knows.

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EndlesS said crabs have a secret lore or something, right?

This thread was originally tagged with ‘Lore’, because I created it from the other thread, and forgot to remove the tag. Byrne handled that for me, lmao.

I heard people mention it in the thread that this one was made from, but I never heard it myself, so who knows.

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jake mentioned that on his stream.

Alright then, cool.
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